Furion World Engine

The application has three Main Sections: Island, City and Character. Select through the Top Middle panel:

The Top Left and Main Left panels have toggles and layouts that are different for each Main Section.

Mouse-scroll to zoom and hold right mouse button to pan the camera.
In the Island Main Section, click any settlement once to highlight and twice to select.
Once selected, click it again (or click the button below the Top Middle panel) to open the City Screen.
Use the toggles in the City Screen to switch between pages and subpages.

Click these dropdowns for exploring different elements:

⇣ Visual Styles

In the Island Section:

(TopLeft toggle -> MainLeft toggle)

Maps -> Image to change the background map.
Maps -> TileMaps to load island data maps.
Visuals -> Icons to change settlement icons and -subicons.
Visuals -> Overlays to show color highlights and lines.
Visuals -> Lookup to find specific settlements or values, or highlight variable combinations.
Economy -> Stocks shows overlays for sizes of stockpiled reosurces. Where applicable, Left = Population; Middle = local Ruler; Right = local Sanctuary..

Load combination presets by clicking 'ECONOMIC', 'POLITICAL' or "STRATEGIC' in the Top Left panel.
⇣ City Screen

Records shows settlement variables in text record.
Economy has four sections with text information and TileMaps. Click any tile for specific information.

  • Rulers shows a schematic of the local ruler and secondary local Rulers, outside Rulers, Fighters, Territories, Populations and Resources they control.
  • Fighters shows all Fighters present at the city location.
  • Exchanges shows a schematic of all local and global exchanges made by the local ruler.
  • Populations shows all Populations controlled by the local Ruler.
Dominion shows City Layout and Territory TileMaps. If an inputmap is preset it loads that custom layout.

⇣ Exchange Flow

In the Island Section:

The Economy - Flow panel lets you add visuals for each cycle's exchanges.
Click Flow to cycle one and Loop to cycle indefinitely.
Click the Pause button or 'P' key to pause the flow.
Toggle the Exchange Types to limit the type of exchanges shown.
Trace Lines are drawn behind the carts to visualise resource supertypes.
Click on any cart (and zoom in) to see a detailed tooltip for that exchange.

⇣ Creating and Sending Armies

This function is under development and so a bit harder to find.
In the City Section:

Double click the Light Blue tiles to open the Gymnasium section.
Click the Armies button.
Click the Create tab.
Choose the Fighters to take soldiers from, the amount, then click Add Fighters for each.
(Enter an army name) and click Create.
Click the Overview tab.
Click Select for your army.
Click the Organize tab.
Choose your armies' purpose and intentions. Leave the numbers at 0 to have it immediately available. Click Organize.
Your army is now assembled and ready to conquer a city. Click the Dispatch tab to choose from a list,
OR do so through the Territory section:
Click the Territory toggle (Top Left).
Double click any blue city with no dot (untaken by you or a competitor).
Select your army and click Dispatch.
Your army is taking off. To see movement, click the Territory toggle (Top Left).
Click the Next Cycle Button (Top Left) until the army arrives at its destination.
The settlement is now conquered (no trouble!)